Wooden flooring has been doing the rounds in the decor world since many decades. It has been a popular choice across the globe for a variety of reasons like its superior aesthetic sense, functionality, durability, etc. It is also an Ace card to upgrade one’s lifestyle and real estate value. Its beauty, style, comfort, and durability are unmatched. Imagine rich natural wood with wooden flooring carpet under your feet and feel the sense of warmth it will add to your kitchen, living room, bedrooms, study, bathroom and even your office…

The challenge is not only choosing the right wooden flooring carpet for one’s home or commercial space but also how to add complementary decor items which will add to the visual appeal that wood floorings have to offer. Wooden flooring carpet might be easy to clean but requires regular maintenance but is worth every penny! Read more to know how to furnish a home with wooden floors…

  1. Select wall colours, furniture, and other home decor items that compliment instead of clashing with your wooden floors. Abstain from matching every design element and aim for a “ well put together “ look. One can leverage the timeless appeal of wooden flooring carpet while incorporating your personal touch. The best way to determine which colours go with your wood flooring is to look at the material’s undertone. There are subtle hints of yellow, orange, red, grey, or brown within the finish. Mindfully, apply the principles of the colour wheel to select colours that complement your wood floors. For instance, shades of blue help balance light wood floors with yellow or orange tones, while green looks more cohesive with dark wood floors.
  2. Balance : A space with wooden floor should not be furnished fully with wooden furnishings as it appears very heavy and occlusive. A balance can be achieved by adding a variety of materials within your furniture and accessories. Woven fabrics, leather, metal, concrete, painted surfaces go really well with all three types of wooden floors- light wood floors, dark wood floors, natural wood floors.
  3. Maintain continuity of wooden floors throughout rooms.
    Modern homes generally have open floor plans and the flooring should typically remain constant between all rooms. Avoid putting planks as flooring looks seamless throughout and consistency in flooring design is more visually appealing aesthetic and is easier to clean too!.
  4. Style and soften the look of wooden floors with rugs and carpets.
    Wood might look royal and satisfy ones with a penchant for rustic look, it does lack softness. That’s where rugs and carpets come to our rescue!
    Wooden floors become squeaky and noisy over time due to repeated footsteps. Softening wooden floors with rugs for wooden floors or carpet for wooden floors not only reduces chances of having a noisy floor, adds warmth but most importantly, defines sitting areas in open spaces and helps in anchoring sofas and other furniture items into cohesive units.
  • Neutral carpet colours significantly increase the warmth of a room, literally and visually. Proper carpet aids in drawing people together with increased inviting cushiness in the area and allows the parents to be at ease when their toddlers and small children are playing and running around in their full spirits. It also adds a glamour quotient to your formal parties.
  • Colourful rugs look less formal, and become additional seating for the most laid-back affairs.
  • Patterned rugs provide rich contrast and can become the centrepiece of the room.
  • Dark wood floors tend to look stern, and a way to mitigate that is with a modern, flashier colour pattern of a carpet. Design with multiple colours glues the carpet with the flooring and the room, while still presenting a usual choice.
  • Carpet colours should be matched not only with the colour of the floor, but also with the colour of the walls and furniture. Light carpets give the place spacious quality and brighten up the room.
  • Achieve a rustic feel while remaining unique and artistic with a shading pattern of neutral carpet colours. Smaller rugs can additionally break up a light room which can sometimes be monotonous to the eyes.
  • Another way of making light wood floors and natural wood floors more exciting is with bright carpet colours. A modern design in its pattern and colour scheme works by matching the carpet’s secondary colour to the key piece of furniture.

Let in as much natural light as possible. Wood flooring and crittall windows are a match made in heaven. Metal, glass and wood look brilliant together and there is no dearth of design choices in the market for the same.
French windows letting in ample sunlight adds a rich look to your home while making it snug and inviting at the same time.

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