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Complete Restoration

Complete Carpet Restoration Services

Have you recently noticed that your aging carpet is missing its gorgeous appeal due to loosening fringes, rough edges, spots, deep stains, and fading colors or sprouts?

Hand- knotted rugs are prone to wear and tear both in high or low foot traffic vicinities of an abode. These most adored companions are always at risk from children, pets, insects, furniture, and even damp or moist areas in your home (especially basements). Skilled restoration and efficient repair, however, can conserve the hand- knotted rugs for years to come.

Rug Repair Specialists at Karpets by RKS ensure complete restoration of the carpet and YES… with Perfection! Our comprehensive carpet restoration services include, but not limited to, re-knotting, re-weaving, re-binding, re-filling (gaps, holes, and burned or cracked parts), re-stretching, re-fringing, re-edging, re-washing, and more. 

How We Restore It?


Conducting a thorough assessment of the efforts required for an apt restoration of the rug;


Researching, analyzing, and finalizing the most authentic carpet restoration techniques, as per the requirements;


Using the most advanced tools and industry’s best rug restoration materials;


Correctly ascertaining the estimated carpet restoration costs;


Sharing the realistic outcome as close as possible to your expectation or the original look of the carpet;
…and More!

Restoration Masters @ Karpets by RKS are Passionate to Pour Life Back to Your Finest Hand- Knotted Treasures.

Reach Us Today! …And Rest Assured You will get the First-Rated Rug Restoration Services!

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