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Re-Binding Services

Negligent vacuuming, untrained use of home-based cleaners, and general carelessness can damage the un-fringed sides or binding of a carpet. Your rug, therefore, needs professional re-binding care so that it can last for generations. Seasoned carpet re-binders / weavers at Karpets by RKS can reinstate the original look of your darling rug, with precision.

Our carpet re-binding services include edges re-binding, fringes repairing, and more.

Our Approach
Karpets by RKS retains its reputation of following high service standards with progressive thinking. We consistently upgrade our service offerings with the latest techniques to ensure the utmost care of your carpets.

We carry out extensive researches to develop new approaches to carpet conservation. We also share these new methodologies through our blogs.

How We Do It


We thoroughly examine each carpet to evaluate the appropriate requirement for re-binding. The key assessment metrics include the value, age, condition, and the intensity of wear that the rug may receive in the future.


We ensure precise fiber, texture, and color toning to the actual materials through a top-notch variety of diligently selected high-quality threads and fabrics.


We share the preliminary cost estimates through on-email or on-phone along with photographs of the damaged area.


We even provide professional tips on underlay and aftercare treatment of the rugs.

Reach Out to Our Experts TODAY for the Professional Re-Binding of Your Carpet…

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