Secret Behind The Beauty of NRI Homes Unveiled – Full Floor Carpets

Have you had the good fortune of visiting an NRI home? It goes without saying that the majority of NRI homes are synonymous with words like dream home. They are beautiful and majestic and are also known for all the modern amenities they come with.

NRI’s put in a lot of hardwork in the foreign countries to build their dream homes back in their hometowns in India. NRI homes are not only an epitome of beauty and elegance but also speaks volumes about the owner’s success and ‘larger than life’ lifestyle.

Nothing gives more pleasure to NRIs than their homes being the hot topic of conversation!!
But do you know the secret behind the beauty of NRI homes?

Read more to know about the secret which you can also use to upgrade the beauty of your home!

With sound construction design and clever home decor you can tune out the noise of the city’s hustle bustle and create a small haven for yourself.

Following design elements will help you make your home free of noise pollution.

Shade It

Opt for wooden or bamboo shades to restrict outside noise in the most effective manner. It also lends your home a royal and rustic feel. If it’s too heavy handed for your taste neutral toned linens are a great option. They make the space look more open and also absorb echoes and vibrations and allow natural light to steam in.

Carpet It

Floors are the epicentre of all footfall and if not treated accordingly can be a source of embarrassment when one is throwing a party and guests are over.

The most effective way of reducing the noise pollution is by opting for a luxuriant carpet. There is no dearth of options while choosing a full carpet for home.

Modern carpet for living rooms not only offer sound reduction of up to 20dB but also make your living room more grand than ever.

Cost- efficient options like rugs laid in high traffic zones of your home can also solve your purpose of creating a serene atmosphere.

Large carpets for the living room are worth every penny as nothing speaks more about your understated style and elegance than a majestic carpet sprawling under your feet and making you feel that there is a heaven under your feet!

Incorporating different textures, patterns and colours in your home make them look and feel more luxurious, well thought out and memorable. Something like a hand knotted carpet in your drawing room or a rug in the corridors or a customised carpet made to match your living room décor will give your home a welcoming warmth and leave your guests in awe.

Layer It

Wall coverings provide much needed insulation to acoustic wall panels which keeps your home snug in winters and cool in summers. It also keeps excessive noise at bay and makes your home more energy efficient too!

Green options like vertical gardens also add to the beauty of your home and it makes sure that air your family breathes is clean and fresh.


It goes without saying that NRIs take a lot of pride in their homes in India. Even after settling abroad for good, they feel a strong connection to their home country and the major reason behind is the beautiful homes they build for themselves and their loved ones. NRI homes add on to their sentimental value and hence are well looked after.

NRIs keep their homes updated and renovate them according to recent home decor trends and carpets are inherently present on their shopping list.

NRIs still prefer buying carpets from India even after staying there forever because of the high quality luxury carpets available in Indian markets. So, hop on the bandwagon and invest in a luxury carpet for your home now!

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