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HomeARUBA – 8’0 x 10’0 FT
ARUBA – 8’0 x 10’0 FT

ARUBA – 8’0 x 10’0 FT

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The most celebrated ones in the world; made by meticulously tying each knot by hand, made on a vertical frame loom by knotting yarns on a vertically stretched warp threads. It takes approximately 3- 6 months to complete a single carpet. The process requires trained craftmenship and patience and involves multiple washing, shearing and finishing. Each carpet produced is unique and passes through more than hundred hands from designing to finishing. We at Karpets by RKS are known for producing highly finished and one of its own kind of designs globally.

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Color : Multi
Style : Transitional / Erased
Construction : Hand-Knotted
Persian Weave
Price Range : 296299
Discounted : 30%


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Carpet Care

* Vacuum every 15-20 days to keep dirt from getting trapped in the fibers.
* Vacuum the backside of the rug too once in a while.
* Blot liquid spills (like urine or wine) immediately with a towel or napkin. If the stain has dried, use the edge of a utensil to remove solid debris.
* Rotate occasionally to equalize wear.
* If threads come out, trim with scissors. Do not pull the yarn.
* Periodic professional cleaning is recommended every year or two.
* The rug is tolerant to moisture.
* Avoid using beater/carpet brushes. Instead use coconut/hard broom.

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