How to choose the correct size of carpet for your home?

A premium quality carpet is a sign of success. It not only adds warmth to the room, it also adds a dimension of comfort and lays down a personal style statement of the homeowner. Hence, choosing the right carpet size is the key to achieving the desired look and maximising its functionality. Read this carpet size guide for tips on how to choose the best carpet for your home.

The Room

Before you choose a carpet size, consider the room you are decorating. There are different types of carpeting used for different purposes. Wall to wall carpets are recommended for bigger rooms, bedroom runners and coffee table carpets can be used as staple design elements for their respective rooms.

Carpets For Living Room

For big living rooms with furniture in the centre, a large carpet is like a match made in heaven. Standard Sizes recommended are 9’x12’ and 11’x14’.
If your living room has a wooden flooring, it is best practice to choose a carpet that exposes eight inches of wood around its borders.


Carpets For Bedroom

Carpets for bedroom usually extend around 3 feet all around the bed. The most common sizes recommended are – 8’x10’ (queen size bed) and 9’x12’ (king size bed).
Another design option is to use several smaller rugs to fill the space. Most commonly purchased rugs for bedrooms are of sizes: – 2’6”x8’ and 3’x5’.


Carpets For Dining Room

Carpets for dining room should be large enough to accommodate all the chairs. The expert tip is that back legs of the chair must remain on the rug when the chairs are pulled out. It is most visually appealing when the carpet extends around 2 feet beyond each side of the table.
Most common carpet sizes for the Dining room are 8’x10’ and 9’x12’


How To Measure For A Carpet & How To Calculate Carpet Area

It might sound complicated but it is quite simple to determine the correct carpet size. Firstly we need to measure the room. Use a measuring tape to measure the length and width of the room, and then multiply these numbers together to get the square footage. Then we can know how much carpet you need to cover the floor.

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Leave Space Around the Edges

When measuring the room, it’s aesthetically pleasing to leave space around the edges. Home decor experts swear by the 18 Inch Rule of leaving at least 18 inches of floor space uncovered around the perimeter of the room. This frames the carpet without making it look cramped or overpowering.

The Furniture Placement

Another important variable in decorating the home is the furniture. It’s important to consider how the furniture will be arranged. Ideally, the carpet should be large enough to accommodate all of the furniture in the room. If the furniture is placed against the walls, it is advised that the carpet extends beyond the furniture by at least a few inches.

Choose the Right Shape

Carpet comes in a variety of shapes, including rectangular, round, oval, square and irregular. When choosing the shape of your carpet, consider the shape of the room and the furniture placement. A rectangular carpet is a good choice for a long, narrow room, while a round carpet can make a square room look more spacious.

Rugs Sizing Tips

In homes with an open floor plan, rugs can be used to define different spaces in the room. For example, you can use a large rug to define the living room area, and a smaller rug to define the dining area. When using multiple rugs, make sure they coordinate with each other in terms of colour and style for a more put together look.
Placing a small rug under the coffee table of size 4’x6’ or 5’x7’ will make the room more put together.

In conclusion, choosing a carpet size is an important factor while decorating your home. By following this Carpet Size Guide you will surely find the perfect carpet for home that’s both functional and stylish.

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