How to care carpet: A comprehensive guide

Carpets date back to times before colonization but the carpet factories mushroomed in the past few decades in India. Since then, the carpet industry has come a long way, and now the Indian Handmade Carpets are regarded as the finest and most exclusive carpets available in the world.

Even today, most homes, hotels, and other hospitality businesses use Indian carpets to add a sense of Mughal luxury with superior carpet finishing techniques to their interiors. As beautiful as these carpets are, many of us are usually unaware of how to care for these carpets and usually just try our best to avoid any stains or damage to the carpet. If you are one of the people that could not keep that resolution, this blog is for you. The aim is to educate the readers on how to care carpet so they can continue to add character and ambiance to the already existing beauty of your home. Without wasting any time, let us jump right into it:


  • Vacuum your carpet regularly and thoroughly at least twice a week right after the carpet is laid.
    • Make sure you vacuum the highly soiled areas at least five to seven times.
    • If you live in an area with high traffic density and/or dust, you might need to vacuum the carpet more frequently.
    • Make sure you vacuum lightly and thoroughly.
    • Choose a top notch quality vacuum fitted with microfilters. This will ensure the finer particles like dust mite allergens are uprooted effectively from the carpet surface.
    • To prevent excessive fuzzing turn the brush off, or change the head when vacuuming loop pile, cut pile or Berber carpet.
    • For thicker carpets with a higher pile, the height of beaters may be raised and/or suction level reduced to make vacuuming easier.


  • Always, always attend to any stains immediately to prevent them from setting in the finer layers of the carpet.
  • Hot liquids need attention that is even more prompt. If the stain dries out on the carpet, there might be no coming back from that.
  • Always follow the stain removal procedure and steps that are told to you by your carpet manufacturer or dealer to care carpet.
  • Only use certified and recommended chemicals for cleaning purposes of the carpet.
  • If you use bleach or other such substances, it might result in dissolution and discolouration of colours to change from what you got from the carpet factory.


  • Place doormats on all doorways leading outside.
  • If you place your furniture on the carpet, consider rearranging it every few weeks to alleviate pressure marks.
  • Use rugs to protect your carpets from excessive dust.
  • Make sure the carpet is not exposed to direct sunlight for prolonged periods of times.


If all your endeavours to keep your carpet have failed and you now have a stain popping its head from the surface of the carpet every time you enter the room, this section is dedicated to you. These are simple yet effective guidelines for stain removal on your carpet.

  • Immediately scoop/blot as much of the spill as possible.
  • Treat the stains with warm (not hot) water and never scrub on the stains. Instead, try softly dabbing and blotting.
  • For wool or wool blend carpets, mix one scoop of woolen detergent and one scoop of vinegar with a litre of water each, and apply softly to the stain while repeatedly blotting it.
  • If using chemicals not specified by the chemical factory, test them on a smaller area first to ensure no discolouration or damage happens.
  • Apply wet cloth on the surface of the carpet to wash off any soap or similar material.
  • Cover the carpet with dry cotton cloths to absorb any moisture before you lay it on the ground once again
  • If all else fails, It is always a great idea to seek professional help but always do care carpet!

By – www.karpetsbyrks.com

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